Posts from May 2023

The Panorama Programme on 15th May raised a number of questions: 
• Who can diagnose ADHD? 
• What should an ADHD assessment include? 
• How should questions be asked in an ADHD assessment? 
• What counts as an ADHD symptom? 
I’m going to explore each of these questions in a separate blog. 
“Do I need to tell my GP that I’m having a private ADHD assessment?” is a question that I’m frequently asked. 
Many people who have a private assessment and receive an ADHD diagnosis, chose to take medication. They will therefore see a private specialist prescriber, usually a pharmacist or psychiatrist, for a medication assessment and a few follow up appointments. When the medication has been optimised and is working well, most people are referred back to the care of their GP through what’s called a “Shared Care Agreement”. From this point onwards, your GP prescribes the medication, like any other NHS prescription. Your GP needs to have a copy of your ADHD assessment report, and to know they can trust the conclusions of the report and the diagnosis. 
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