How do I make an appointment? 
To make an appointment for EMDR or CBT you can ring or email me. Appointments are available on weekdays (except Wednesdays) between 8am and 5.00pm (last appointment 4pm – 5pm). CONTACT ME 
Do you work with children? 
No, I’m sorry – I only work with adults, 18 years and older. 
Where do appointments take place? 
All appointments are via Zoom 
How many sessions will I need? 
The number of sessions you will need depends on the specific difficulties you are facing. At the first assessment session we will gain a clearer understanding of your situation and we can make a shared decision about how many sessions you will need. Some people come to therapy for just a few weeks, others attend for six months, a year or longer.  
You may find it helpful to attend for 6 or 8 sessions of therapy and then to have a review appointment to assess your progress and get a clearer idea of whether you will need further appointments. 
How much does it cost? 
My fees for self-referral for therapy are £120/hour for assessment and therapy. Fees are payable by bank transfer in advance of the appointment. I charge a £45 cancellation fee if you cancel with less than 48 office hours’ notice. If you require any reports I will charge a separate fee. Please contact me for further information. 
My supervision fees are £100/hour for individual supervision. Prices for group supervision vary depending on the number in the group. Please contact me for further information. 
Referrals from other sources 
Fees for referrals via Insurance Companies, Rehabilitation Companies or via other sources vary. Please contact me for further information. 
How do I know you are the right therapist for me? 
I am an experienced and registered Counselling Psychologist and qualified psychotherapist with membership and accreditation of several professional organisations. For more information about my qualifications click here. I am qualified in more than one approach which means that I can tailor a therapy to respond to your specific situation and difficulties. I have a good knowledge of current research which indicates which therapeutic approaches are likely to be effective in addressing particular problems. As well as finding a qualified and experienced psychotherapist or psychologist you also need to feel that you will be able to trust the therapist you will work with. The best way to discover this is to make an assessment appointment so that you have the opportunity to meet me and to learn more about how I work so that you can make this decision. Click here for more information about assessment appointments. 
Am I covered by my private health insurance? 
I am recognised by all major health insurers. If you have health insurance, I am happy to discuss with you how to claim through your insurer. 
Will it work? 
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is recommended by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as the most effective psychological therapy for anxiety and depression. It is also recommended for many other psychological difficulties. EMDR is recommended by NICE for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Recent research also suggests that it is effective for a range of other difficulties including phobias and long-term pain. 
If you have any further questions telephone: 07796 484 390 or email me. 
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