4 Reasons to seek ADHD Treatment 

Reason Number 1: It works! 

ADHD Treatment: Medication for adult ADHD 
For approximately 75% of adults with ADHD medication is a very effective treatment approach. The majority of adults with ADHD will be prescribed stimulants. These will be taken in a long-lasting, extended release form which provides cover throughout the day without the need to take multiple doses. Medication can be used flexibly. For example, a person might choose to take medication if they need to concentrate for a long and important work meeting but might not need to take it all the time. 
In order for medication to be prescribed it is necessary to have received a formal diagnosis of adult ADHD. I offer ADHD assessment for adults 

Reason Number 2: It works! 

ADHD Treatment: CBT for adult ADHD 
CBT is the most effective therapy for adult ADHD. ¹ CBT as an ADHD treatment not only helps to overcome the symptoms of ADHD but it also helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression which people with ADHD often experience. 
However, traditional CBT would probably a nightmare for most people with CBT! CBT can be very word-based, very cognitive, require extended periods of concentration and can require a person to complete written tasks between sessions. Whereas, most people with ADHD find learning from visual rather than text-based sources easier and are quick to absorb information from videos and podcasts.  
A colleague recently told me that a client with ADHD had discovered that he could watch You Tube videos at double speed and absorb information twice as fast as someone without ADHD! 
CBT for ADHD treatment is tailored to the learning style of the individual. If you have ADHD, or think you may have, you may prefer a 3o-minute therapy session rather than an hour. You might prefer to stand or move around during the appointment and find that this improves your concentration. Or, you may find you’re most effective with an hour appointment but with a break in the middle where you can get up and move. 

Reason Number 3:  It’s hard to do it on your own 

ADHD Treatment is Collaborative and Supportive 
“I know exactly what I need to do. I just don’t do it!” said a client with ADHD to me at the beginning of his first session. He then listed all the things he knew would help. And he was right – they would have all helped! But he then described his long struggle to implement these techniques and strategies without success. However, during CBT for ADHD Treatment sessions, we were able to work out what got in the way of him doing what he knew he needed to do. He was able to develop a more constructive and supportive attitude towards himself rather than being self-critical and was able to focus on relaxing more rather than trying harder. 
Two paddles are better than one 

Reason Number 4: Having ADHD can get in the way of fulfilling your potential 

ADHD Treatment can maximise your potential 
People with ADHD who are successful, typically have some distinctive strengths. These include: cognitive dynamism, courage, energy and resilience.¹ However, ADHD makes it hard to implement plans and to follow through on dreams. People with ADHD have difficulties with: 
organising their work and livessustaining their attentionmanaging frustration and setbacks. CBT for adult ADHD can help people with ADHD to capitalise on their strengths and overcome the challenges which arise from the symptoms of ADHD. The support which can be provided by a therapist for ADHD treatment can give encouragement and help self-reflection and develop a specific skill set to overcome difficulties. 
People with ADHD usually have a lot of difficulties with what is sometimes called “Executive Function”. This is like the air traffic controller in your brain. The air traffic controller has a plan about when and where planes will land and take off and communicates with all the moving parts of the system. ADHD treatment often focussed on improving Executive Function. 
Life today is very complicated. We have a lot of things we need for our day to go smoothly: keys, wallet, phone just for a start. We have to co-ordinate with other people, plan our schedule, meet deadlines, complete home and maybe work tasks. This takes a lot of planning, organising, prioritising, re-adjustments when the unexpected happens and dealing with frustration when things don’t go smoothly. 
All of these activities are co-ordinating by the air traffic controller that is the Executive Function of your brain. If you have ADHD you probably struggle with all of these activities. This is where ADHD treatment and CBT for ADHD can be really effective. 
I will work with you to create a tailor-made plan for your therapy. This will be focussed on identifying what you find difficult and what skills and support you need to have a calm and effective air traffic controller rather than one who feels overwhelmed by what feels like the impossible task of managing all the planes trying to land and take off at the same time while simultaneously dealing with multiple urgent demands on the radio. 

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